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Medical device labels are one such example of a component that is heavily regulated in order to ensure consistency and accuracy, thereby protecting the consumer. The FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) system and other regulations are enforced on medical device manufacturers by regulatory bodies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Commission (EC).

LabelingOnUs’s UDI solution is designed specifically to address the challenges that arise when labeling medical devices, such as adhering to the FDA’s UDI system and enabling traceability from production to distribution as well as patient use.

What UDI Labeling Solution can offer you?

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    Label Design Easily design labels in minutes with Compliant Label Templates. Label printing with proper regional translations, colors, and language, as well as label placement on packaging.
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    Update LabelsWith the help of user-friendly, browser-based WYSIWYG design features, users can easily update labels as per business rules without using expensive and limited IT resources.
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    IntegrateGuarantee accuracy by integrating your product data with our Integrating System. Simple approach to connect to any ERPs and generate serial numbers required for UDI.
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    Reporting with accuracy With eSignature and business intelligence, you can review, analyze, and report on all activities to ensure auditability and safely comply with regulations. According to this standard, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers can capture and record activity from any electronic systems used to identify and track their products.

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The Label UDI solution has undeniably emerged as the simplest method for businesses of all sizes to create, manage, and print labels throughout their business and supply chain operations.

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LabelingOnUs specializes in offering UDI Label Management Solutions that support your company objectives across the whole business process, from procurement through inventory management, warehousing and logistics, and customer experience. WE assist you in developing a unified supply chain that smoothly integrates the online and offline environments.

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We provide validated solutions for on premise and cloud environments. You can quickly and easily comply with EU MDR, FDA UDI, and 21 Part 11 regulations with the help of our labeling solutions.