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Business Integration

Optimize Your Business Processes with REAL-TIME DATA and INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY.

Does your industry endeavor to integrate with other system applications?

LabelingOnUs has been assisting manufacturers with system integration for over four decades. Data integrity is ensured through integrated manufacturing solutions. This lowers labor expenses while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance an existing ERP/MES/full WMS Business System, LabelingOnUs’s platform of pre-built, flexible, and scalable labeling solutions can perhaps help you streamline your processes –, integrate operations, and automate workflows to obtain the greatest efficiency.

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Business Integration Solutions

Our scalable solutions enable you to customize the functionality you require and refine as your business grows.

With our label management and EDI solutions, you can create, manage, and standardize labels, adhere to GS1 standards and regulations, and improve your supply chain.

1. ERP Integration


LMS’s real-time analytics of the entire supply chain, from production to finance to distribution, aid in making quicker decisions that boost productivity and profits.

2. MES Integration


A stand-alone LMS solution that interfaces with machines, prints labels automatically as goods are manufactured, and efficiently automates your manufacturing operations.

3. WMS Integration


Leverage LMS’s real-time visibility of tasks, such as put-away, picking, replenishment, where and by whom they are completed, – based on priority, security level, work zones.

Integration made Easy

1. Helping you in driving performance – Achieve insightful business outcomes that matters

LabelingOnUs support fully automated solutions that offers component labeling for work-in-progress tracking including lifetime traceability, and real-time data integration with MES, WMS, ERP, or other management systems. Analyzing production, product quality, and downtime is made easier with the platform of integrated Manufacturing and Warehouse solutions, which bridges the gaps between your company’s business systems, hardware, and workforce.

Connect LABEL MANAGEMENT SOLUTION to your MES/ WMS and/or ERP system and automate your printing to minimize time and errors.

2. Much lower integration cost than other packages.

Achieve the highest level of integration at a much lower cost

3. 100x faster

‘Triggers’, ‘Data filters’, ‘Actions’ and a print server on one platform, hence faster transferring of data.

4. Seamless Integrations

Designed to meet the integration needs of businesses of all sizes and many other leading MES, ERP and WMS applications.

Why you need Business System Integration?

  • Configurable Labels
  • Gain real-time visibility into business operations
  • Eliminate Data Silos for Improved Business Decisions
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry
  • Process Streamlining

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The labeling solution that would align more effectively with its existing business needs and address its labeling pain points. Produce consistent and accurate labeling for the volume of merchandise items that came through sales and distribution points daily.

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