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Label Cloud

Drive accuracy, productivity and efficiency in your business

Labeling On Us’s Label Cloud solution is designed to meet the demands of your business and the markets. It provides the complete spectrum of labeling capabilities from a unified platform, with solutions tailored to your industry and functional requirements. Our solution is easy to use and customize, making it simple for you to enhance and integrate your current business systems to Label Cloud.

Label Cloud Workflow

Label Cloud is the simplest, yet most comprehensive, cloud labeling solution fit for all market needs

Ideal labeling solution for all small- to medium-sized organizations, managing labeling at every stage, from label design to print. With everything you require to manage the whole labeling process, from label design and template management through printing, you can get started right away.

Label Cloud Capabilities


Easily scale printing across your business with our Web Printing System.

  • Consistent standardized printing across and beyond your business in minutes
  • Roll out label printing across your departments without IT assistance.
  • Easily extend label printing to your business partners including suppliers, contract manufacturers and third-party logistics providers.
Guarantee accuracy by integrating your product data with our Integrating System.
  • Easier way to connect with on premise databases
  • Sophisticated solution to connect to an SQL database or directly to ERP, WMS, MES…
  • Advanced approach to integrate cloud based applications such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Workday, NetSuite through API
  • Simple approach to connect labels to file based databases like Excel sheets and Access databases

Centrally store your labels and access them from anywhere using Document Management System (DMS).

  • Access the latest, up-to-date label templates anytime, anywhere, from a web browser.
  • Keep full control of label changes and prevent unauthorized changes using built-in role based access.
  • Gain visibility on every label ever printed.
  • Avoid unplanned downtime with printer management and alerts.
  • Centralized storage system for all of your labels and avoid loosing data and label templates.

Easily design barcode labels in minutes with Label and Document Designer. Configure your design and create custom printing forms / applications with in-built Application Builder.

  • It's packed with graphical design features that enable users to create labels in minutes, no coding skills or training necessary.
  • Build efficient data management applications and streamline your complex printing processes.

Label Cloud Benefits

A future proof solution

With our Cloud Solution, customers have been able to move from a home-grown system with manual workarounds to a fully-integrated cloud labeling solution. We have made our customer experience ‘The Flexibility – The Cloud Moment’ with innovative and insightful solutions that meets their goals.

  • Be up and running in minuteswith minimal IT resources
  • Securely store and manage labelsand data in the cloud
  • Easily scale printingacross your business
  • Simply design labelsfrom any computer in any location
  • Integrate labelingwith your product data

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    The Label Cloud solution has undeniably emerged as the simplest method for businesses of all sizes to create, manage, and print labels throughout their business and supply chain operations.

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    Labeling On Us specializes in offering CLOUD-integrated Label Management Solutions that support your company objectives across the whole business process, from procurement through inventory management, warehousing and logistics, and customer experience. WE assist you in developing a unified supply chain that smoothly integrates the online and offline environments

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