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A Customizable Intelligent
Textile Compliant Labeling Solution

The logistics, marketing, and sales processes for textile products increasingly depend on fabric labels. Clothing items come with a variety of labels and tags in the modern multi-channel retail environment. Each one serves a specific and significant purpose while also posing a number of challenges for the label industry.

LabelingOnUs’ Textile labeling, the most comprehensive, enterprise-level solution, meets the needs of its clients. The accurate, reliable, user-friendly solution is directly integrated into any platform and has a seamless interface with integrated capabilities and support.

Automated Labels our application prints for textile

  • Care & Content Label
  • Badges and Patches Labels
  • ASTM Care Labels
  • Brand Labels
  • Logistics Labels
  • RFID labels
  • Woven Labels
  • Price Tag Labels
  • And many more….

How it works



a. Design and print textile labels

b. Customizable forms to schedule labels for printing

c. Ready – to- use Smart Label Templates


a. Print from any device, operating system, or web browser

b. Intelligent applications to print automatically from web services requests, data transactions, SDK requests and moree


a. Centrally controlled labeling system

b. Monitor print jobs and view print history of labels

c. Easily integrate with SAP and Oracle database



All re-ticketing and re-tagging will take place on a smaller scale, closer to the customer: in-store or at the distribution center processing online purchases. You can quickly design and print labels using the solution directly from your system.

Reduce the amount of manual data entry by leveraging information from databases, spreadsheets, and text files. The LabelingOnus Database Connection offers a simple database connection process and supports almost all standard available databases, including MySQL, Oracle, SAP, and XML files.

Using tools and templates, compliance and RFID labeling are just as simple. Our solution keeps a running library of label templates that simultaneously adhere to US and EU textile labeling standards, making it simpler than ever to meet your compliance requirements.

Connect automated label printing operations to your existing ERP systems and with ease. Using the LABELINGONUS Automation tool, configure processes to automate printing operations. Manage, operate, and secure your printing processes centrally across several locations.


  • Safe and Secure Labeling
  • Reduce duplicated printing
  • Reduce Errors
  • Increases consistency
  • Control costs

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