RFID Solution

Make your physical operations more visible

Are you concerned about material flow disruption, quality, data visibility, or business integrity?
Do you need a solution for on-demand labeling that enables you to encrypt in-house RFID labels and give each tag or label a unique identity?
Then you require an RFID solution.

LabelingOnUs’s RFID solution is tailored to your environment, application, and conditions. Many different industry verticals have benefited from our assistance. Our solutions have generated ROI for everyone, from automating asset-tracking, automatically tracking the location of business-critical items to tracking inventory in hospitals and stores or tracking the flow of goods in and out of the warehouses.
Simply download updated printer drivers and component modules to enhance key RFID powered labeling functionalities.

Where does our solution help you?

RFID solution is user-friendly and flexible, allowing you to easily implement RFID technology for data capture. Our solution enables you to generate RFID, barcode, and human readable labels from a single source, improving accuracy from pallet to product.

1. Manufacturing

Increase productivity throughout the manufacturing process, from the production floor to the final product.

  • Inventory management
  • Asset tracking and analysis
  • Item-level inventory visibility
  • Supply chain management
  • Work-in-process (WIP)
  • Vehicle and yard management
  • Shipment validation
  • Fulfillment/replenishment

2. Warehouse and Logistics  

Manage inventory throughout your supply chain. Ensure consistent service throughout the entire dispatch process.

  • Warehouse management
  • Pick and put away
  • RFID aided forklifts
  • EDI transactions
  • Employee safety
  • Inventory & Fleet management
  • Terminal operations
  • Port and yard management

3. Retail, HealthCare and Others

Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food & beverages, Retail, Oil & Gas, all use RFID applications to automate their manufacturing processes.

  • Asset / Equipment tracking
  • Patient monitoring
  • IT asset tracking
  • Item-level inventory visibility
  • Supply chain management
  • Specimen tracking
  • Store replenishment
  • Point of sale


  • cloud-based
    Cloud-based product label softwareComplete application and label file management is handled centrally
  • trusted technology
    Trusted technology - RFID, QR Codes, Traceability codesDynamic and authenticating technologies from the source to point of sale
  • regulatory_compliance
    Regulatory complianceSupports global regulatory compliance
  • data collection
    Seamless Data Collection and IntegrationIntegration with Oracle systems, SAP systems, other ERP, WMS
  • visibility
    Greater VisibilityOffers workflow revision control and greater visibility into the labeling process throughout supply chain phases
  • simple user interface
    Reporting and NotificationsBuilt-in report generation and alert system across all linked devices


  • AccuracyReduce human error by collecting data electronically
  • TraceabilityKnow what stage every product is at in real-time
  • ProductivityWith a more streamlined and automated procedure, accomplish more during the day
  • EfficiencyAutomating your process and eliminating paperwork
  • Cost savingWork seamlessly with zero downtime and reduced real-time errors
  • Fast return on investmentAutomated processes, manage recalls better and increase the overall efficiency

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For large/small scale Manufacturers and Distributors looking to integrate track and trace system with the least amount of investment and turnaround time, we provide a full solution in the form of our ready-to-use Track and Trace Solution.

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