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Asset Tracking


LabelingOnUs’s Asset Tracking is a comprehensive solution that assists managers with achieving total visibility of their assets in an effective, easy, and accurate manner. The ideal approach to track and monitor your inventory across several locations is with the help of our solution, which lets you configure, add, and track multiple processes simultaneously.

Real-time asset tracking enables businesses such as those in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and oil and gas, to speedily locate physical assets both indoors and outdoors, track their quality and usage, and optimize asset allocation. To assist businesses, achieve complete asset flow transparency, maximize asset usage, and boost ROA, real-time asset tracking solution seamlessly integrates with ERP, MES, and other systems.

Where We Can Help You Track Your Assets?


A full asset tracking solution with distinctive capabilities tailored to the needs of your business.

Track important items used by a company, such as laptops, papers, tools, and even WIP products, as they transit across a production, assembly, or manufacturing floor. Work orders and inventories are scheduled, dispatched, and tracked using it.

Track your inventory when your assets are in motion, whether they are at an oilfield, a remote client site, a yard, a warehouse, or any other location. We also monitor the asset using GPS and GPRS communication for a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, energy and electricity, agriculture, manufacturing, and waste management where assets keep moving at different locations.

Track a wide range of IT assets within the enterprise, including servers, desktops, laptops, networking and storage equipment, tablets, and smartphones. Recording, tracking, and monitoring all systems in the IT environment, from software to hardware aids in decision-making and provides you insightful information for business.


  • unified tracking
    Unified Tracking Track assets with barcodes, QR codes, RFID, BLE, GPS, etc.
  • search asset data
    Search Asset dataFor maintenance, replacement, search asset data by asset serial number/barcode, photo, name, and type, location.
  • Track thru prod life cycle
    Track through Product Life CycleTrack assets through all stages of the product life cycle, including planning, procuring, operating, maintaining, and disposing.
  • regulatory_compliance
    Regulatory CompliancePreserve asset data in a secure asset data repository to adhere to legal standards.
  • icon_integrate
    Seamless IntegrationIntegrates with WMS/ERP systems, enabling for continuous data flow between the operational and business layers.
  • reporting and notification (2)
    ReportingPre-designed asset reports list assets that are in high demand, their type, location history, and date of acquisition.


  • AccuracyReduce unexpected downtime by accurately identifying anomalous asset functionality and potential asset failure
  • Full VisibilityReal-time asset tracking, location, and asset movement
  • Increased ProductivityReduce development expenses and make asset planning, optimization, and maintenance procedures more automated
  • Increased EfficiencyAutomating and centralizing the asset tracking effectively throughout business
  • Cost savingPrevent asset loss and theft, resulting in considerable cost savings
  • Fast return on investmentAutomated tracking, manage movements and increased ROI

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For large/small scale Manufacturers and Distributors looking to automate labeling with the least amount of investment and turnaround time, we provide a full solution in the form of our ready-to-use Asset Labeling Solution.

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