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About Us


LabelingOnUs integrates information and data, provides new technologies that ease the labeling process, designs next-generation labels, and uses seamless labeling solutions to offer end to-end visibility for businesses of all sizes.

Founded in 2005, LabelingOnUs is a leading consulting and service company of labeling and automation solutions based in India. We distinguish ourselves by being able to meet new client expectations with unmatched solution breadth, domain experience, and an extensive support network.

With a dedicated workforce, we are India’s pioneer provider of Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) solutions that leverages barcode and RFID technology to give enterprises real-time insight into their business flows, employees, and transactions.

We are NiceLabel’s Leading Reseller and Distributor in Indian Subcontinent, that includes India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. With years of experience handling labeling challenges, we specialize in delivering solutions based on technology, enabling firms the power of advanced bar coding, labeling and printing.

What we do?

We offer end-to-end solutions in labeling, automation, coding, software and scanning.

From technical consultation through implementation and support, we design, implement, and support labeling and automation processes that help you accomplish edge traceability, real-time business transparency, and logistical visibility demands. Our proprietary software develops a collaborative platform for your complete business flow and enables you to make decentralized automated choices, improving accuracy, productivity, and profitability.

LabelingOnUs provides label design solutions as well as Enterprise Automation solutions for many sectors such as Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Oil and Gas, Power, HealthCare, Automobile, Textile, and E-commerce. Our software solutions are designed with operational users, the company’s IT infrastructure, and the equipment manufacturer and customer in mind. This ensures that they are simple to use.


Technical Consultation


Implementation and Support


Label Design Solutions


Enterprise Automation Solutions

Why our customers choose us?

Experience that matters

We have been offering cutting-edge software solutions for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers globally for more than 40+ years.


Trusted technology provider

Thousands of international manufacturers depend on our labeling solution portfolio to satisfy their compliance and efficiency needs. Our solutions are frequently used for the application of dynamic and authenticating data, bar codes, RFID, promotional and unique traceability codes to products and packaging.

Label for EVERYONE

We've amassed a wide range of industry experience, which we put to use in the design, implementation, and support solutions. As the top provider of enterprise labeling, artwork management, and data management worldwide, we provide supply chain flexibility, meet changing regulations, and enhance business operations across a broad spectrum of sectors.

Expertise in Seamless Integrations

We have a full-expertise in integrating our solutions with SAP, Oracle, and other application efficiently.

Regulatory Compliance

We are deeply passionate about developing the most effective solutions for improving safety, security, efficiency, and compliance.

Central Data Storage

Customers may manage their print data centrally with this cloud-based solution.

Best Offers & Elite Status

We are a premium partner with industry giants like NiceLabel and CodeTracker, allowing us to acquire the greatest price and special offers for our consumers.

Technical Support & Service

When it comes to answering your questions about labeling and providing outstanding technical assistance, our support team will exert every effort.

Our Values


The values that guide our company’s symbiotic association with our partners, clients, and employees are what we refer to as our “Spirit of LabelingOnUs”. We think that our biggest assets are our employees and customers, and that our success should be based on strong ethics, honesty, and excellent customer service.

  • customer satisfaction
    Customer SatisfactionProvide clients with solutions and services that will greatly enhance their businesses and provide the best support available in the industry.
  • excellence in operations
    Excellence in OperationsConstantly strive to improve so we can provide our clients the greatest solutions.
  • innovation
    InnovationContinue to innovate and create holistic business solutions that tackle challenges in new and improved ways.
  • constant learning
    Constant LearningContinue to pursue information with curiosity.

Our Vision

Unlocking Intelligent Labeling Solution to Deliver Greater Business Value at optimum cost.

We are focused to developing a reliable and scalable solution that greatly reduces stress for our clients by removing technical barriers, simplifying layout generation and providing a printing interface that is independent of the hardware.

Our Mission

Find the finest solution together

With a forward-thinking attitude, no questions unanswered, no issues unaddressed, we aim to be a trustworthy partner for our clients. We want our clients to make profit by providing the best solutions, technologies, and services. Together with our expertise we aim to be the industry leader in offering robust automation, labeling, and barcode solutions across a variety of business verticals.

Our Leadership / Team

Leading Innovation with Inspiring Leadership

To help you with client-specific solutions, software, and expert services, LabelingOnUs’s professionals provide unsurpassed domain experience with customized approach, which comprises a thorough analysis into the as-is scenario.
Learn more about the senior executives, business pioneers, and technological visionaries that make up the leadership team of LabelingOnUs.

Our Customers


True impact begins when labeling software enables quicker collaboration with existing hardware technology that ensures consistent quality. This solid foundation has given our clients the confidence in us to always add value and innovation to the work we perform together.

Our Journey


Company founded






Our dedicated team is an integral part of our journey. We are always seeking for motivated people to join our team.
Explore our careers area if you’re interested in learning more to discover the ideal position for you!