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Enhance accuracy and compliance while minimizing risks

We are aware that for the pharmaceutical industry, achieving GS1 and new regulatory compliance is crucial. All pharmaceutical producers must label all packages with a product identification (serial number), lot number, and expiration date, and trace them down to the smallest “sellable” unit.

LabelingOnUs offers Track and Trace Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry integrated with Label Management System with the benefit of increased inventory visibility and improved tracking and measuring capabilities. We offer a solution that can smoothly integrate into your supply chain processes, whether it is for labeling medications and drugs or tracking lab samples. Our solutions are designed to increase efficiency in pharmaceutical production processes, starting with automating mission-critical tasks like dispensing and weighing.

Labeling applications for pharamceutical

  • Medicine / drug labels
  • SSCC / GS1 Compliance Labels
  • Lab samples
  • Clinical trial Labels
  • Component Labels
  • Pallet labels
  • Carton Tags
  • And many more….

How it works


When it comes to labeling and package artwork, pharmaceutical businesses have a lot to take into account. To obtain a competitive advantage, it is necessary to reduce time to market without compromising accuracy and compliance. The breakthrough can be achieved by choosing the proper solution.



Centralized Document Management

Design labels with Expiry Date, MFG Date, Batch, etc.

True Type Fonts

Revision History and Version Control

Three Level of Security



Unique Combination such as FG Code/ Pack Code/ Item Code

Label Preview with validation

Provision to add data of Storage, Label Claim, Plant Address

Sample, Master Copy, Customer Copy Print Options

Revision Log with Remarks



Preview of Artwork

Integration with MES, ERP and Cloud

Front End Validation for Manual Entry

 “Specimen Label” printing

Approve / Reject Specimen Label and record logs



Preview against Selected Artworks

View revision history before Approving

Approved / Modification Option for further reference

Electronics Approval with timestampl

Standard/ Optional remarks for logs



Preview of Label Before final printing

Integration with Weighing Scale

Integration with Track and Trace System

Secured editing in Label Design

Label Printing Option: Continuous Label Printing, SSCC Label Printing, Loose Label Printing, Re-Printing


Streamlined Compliance

Swiftly comply with industry regulations like the FDA's DSCSA, 21 CFR Part 11, and the EU's Falsified Medicines Directive with electronic signature.

Standardize label design

Simply create and update labels that can be used with any printer brand or model without the need for additional coding with universal templates.

Integrate serialization

Incorporate all aspects of label creation—design, approval, maintenance, serialization, and aggregation—on the single platform.

Optimized traceability

Full traceability into operations across the entire supply chain, from manufacturing and distribution, to point of dispense.

Seamless Compatibility

Unified interoperability between equipment, including the control systems, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and information and business systems.

Flexible, Scalable, Customizable

Complies fully with GS1 standards and customizable to provide design, delivery, long-term service, and support.


  • Reduced ErrorsReduced the potential user error through controlled workflows
  • Optimized ProcessesFull audit trail capabilities, and compliance
  • Reduce Risk, Improves ProfitabilityA holistic method to address regulations, product counterfeiting and recalls
  • Enhanced SecurityEnables staff to use their own special user account to enter transactions. Streamlined audit trail when transparency is in place.
  • Scalable SerializationSeamless interoperability among machines, devices and business systems.
  • Increased ROIReduce the hidden cost of labeling, reduce rejections and explore profit from on non-explored opportunities.

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