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Printed labels play a significant role in the automotive industry, delivering crucial information, safety notifications, and cautions. A supply chain for automobile manufacturers have a set of complexity that make traceability difficult and can have significant cost effects for both the manufacturer and the supplier.

For OEM suppliers and automotive manufacturers, LabelingOnUs offers solutions that enable speedy, accurate design and printing of high-quality compliance labels with full supply chain traceability. With this right labeling system in place, which meets regulatory standards like EDI exchange, Odette, AIAG, JAMA, and VDA, and scales and adapts to changing business practices, helps streamline the production process, boost productivity, and cut costs.

Labeling applications for Automotive

  • AIAG Labels
  • GTL Labels
  • And many more….
  • Odette Labels
  • VDA and VDA BeloM (VDA 4902) Labels
  • GM Motors Labels
  • EDI exchange and JAMA Labels

How consistent framework help Automotive Manufacturers


Our customers enjoy working with us because we can customize a solution to their specific needs and that we adhere to a consistent framework throughout our association.


Structural Planning

Print the labels on-demand directly after confirmation with production orders in manufacturing.


Marketing and Supply

Automatically generate GTL/VDA labels based on goods packing and delivery locations.


Logistics Operations

Print labels effortlessly during daily warehouse operations such as product transfer, sending back recall items, etc.


  • labeling on us icons (2)
    Absolute TraceabilityReal-time tracking and tracing to ensure that you have complete control over your operations and resources.
  • visibility
    Stock VisibilityAutomate your picking, putting away, and assigning each spare part a distinct identity, you can keep a check on your inventory in real time.
  • seamless data import & integration
    Data IntegrationIntegrates with a wide range of AIDC devices and has the capacity to effortlessly capture and transmit data, providing visibility with unrivaled precision and efficiency.
  • icon_integrate
    System IntegrationCommunicates with your ERP with the maximum precision and integrity, enabling real-time data exchange between the operational layer and the business layer.
  • labeling on us icons (3)
    EDI IntegrationElectronic Data Exchange (EDI) integration for purchase orders, receipts, and invoicing, etc.
  • reporting and notification (2)
    ReportingComprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities, including business intelligence to track and monitor all labeling and packaging activities.


  • AccuracyReduce human error by collecting data electronically
  • DesignMulti-label layouts flexibility and efficiency when printing
  • Role-based controlWith appropriate access to labeling content, gain more control on process
  • Efficiency Automating your process and eliminating paperwork
  • Cost savingWork seamlessly with zero downtime and reduced real-time errors
  • Fast return on investmentAutomated processes, manage recalls better and increase the overall efficiency

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